Warning: Spoilers ahead. Before you gear up to watch the final season of 13 Reasons Why — set to hit Netflix on Friday, June 5 — there’s a lot to remember from the past season. Yep, between Bryce Walker and Monty De La Cruz’s death, and new characters coming to Liberty High, you might have missed some seriously important details along the way. But not to worry, people, because J-14 is here to break it all down for you!

For those who missed it, ever since Netflix premiered the show’s first season back in March 2017, fans have been obsessed with the teen drama series. Well, now it’s almost time for the show to come to its bittersweet end, and we can’t wait to see what the fourth and final season has in store for fans. But before binge-watching all weekend long, it’s crucial that you remember everything that happened in Season 3 (and the seasons before it, for that matter).

Okay, so, Season 3 kicked off immediately after the events at the Spring Fling dance, which ended Season 2. Tyler Downs arrived to school armed, but Clay Jensen and Tony Padilla stop him before entering the gym. Throughout the rest of the season, all of Liberty High was in utter shock after Bryce was murdered following the homecoming football game.

So, who murdered Bryce? Well, after 13 episodes with some major cliffhangers, it was revealed that Alex Standall and Jessica Davis actually killed him just after Bryce received a beating from Zach Dempsey. But that’s not all! Ani Anchola — a new character in Season 3, who narrated the entire thing — covered for Alex and Jessica, telling the police that Monty actually murdered Bryce. Once the police heard this, they dropped a major bomb. Monty had been killed in jail.

With both Monty and Bryce having been killed, the Liberty High students thought they were off the hook. Until, it’s revealed that Monty has actually been in a secret relationship with a student from another school, Winston Willams, and they were together the night of Bryce’s death. So, Monty has an alibi that no one knows about. With this knowledge, it’s safe to say that Season 4 is sure to be crazier than ever!

Get this, you guys, some fan theories even predict that Monty might still be alive. June 5 seriously can’t come soon enough!

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