Setting the record straight! Hailey Bieber seemingly responded to rumors that husband Justin Bieber was yelling at her in a now-viral video from last weekend.

“Reminiscing on how amazing last weekend was. Had the best time surrounded by so much love,” the model, 24, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 14. “Any other narrative floating around is beyond false. Don’t feed into the negative bulls–t peeps.”

Hailey paired her caption with a blurry photo of her kissing the 27-year-old “Peaches” crooner. While she didn’t explicitly acknowledge the video that’s been floating around online, fans have speculated that Hailey’s social media post is a response to rumors surrounding their relationship.

The video in question surfaced online after the couple — who married in September 2018 — attended an event, in which Justin was performing, at a Las Vegas club on July 9. In the clip, the Canada native and his wife could be seen walking through a hotel while talking to each other as fans cheered in the background. The original TikTok has since been deleted, but the clip has been reposted multiple times with fans claiming that the “Baby” singer was yelling at his wife.

While Justin has stayed mum about the entire situation, eyewitnesses at the event took to Twitter and defended the duo, claiming that there was nothing hostile between Justin and Hailey’s exchange.

“He was not yelling and we were there to witness what went down. He was all adrenaline. It doesn’t matter how the f–k it ‘appears’ to you,” one fan claimed on Twitter. “Don’t spread false information on someone especially when you acknowledge that’s just what it appears to you.”

A separate social media user posted a video of Justin’s performance alongside a caption that read, “I took this of Justin right before that video was taken. He was on STRAIGHT adrenaline from performing. He wasn’t mad at Hailey and he wasn’t yelling at her. I hate how he’s always painted as the bad guy when he’s the furthest thing from it.”

A third attendee shared their apparent experience via Twitter as well, writing, “My friends and I were with/behind him the whole night, he was in the best mood and was telling her a story but ofc internet lames love their lil scenarios.”

Justin and Hailey, for their parts, both shared photos from their Las Vegas weekend. One snap included the “Lonely” musician sitting on the couch with Hailey’s legs draped over him. In another, the duo shared a smooch. “Hats + Vegas,” the budding YouTuber captioned her post from the weekend.

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