The height difference between Lana Condor and Noah Centineo was one of the sweetest parts of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, but how tall is the actress in real life? Lana is actually shorter than her costars — but not all of them!

Keep reading to find out how tall Lana really is. 

How Tall Is Lana Condor?

It’s been reported that Lana is 5-foot-3.

What Has Lana Condor Said About Her Height?

Naturally, Lana has spoken about her height while discussing her romantic scenes with To All the Boys co-star Noah.

“When we auditioned and chemistry read together, at the end of the chemistry read you have to stand next to the person you read with and you have to take a picture to show the producers the height difference,” the Netflix star recalled during Vulture Fest in November 2018. “When we went into a camera test, after we’d already been cast, I didn’t make it into a frame with him, because he’s that much taller than me. I heard the producers were like, ‘What is happening?'”

Noah, for his part, eventually revealed that he would “stand behind” Lana “scrunch down to make himself look shorter” so that he would get the role.

“It’s sweet, that’s how much he wanted the job,” she added, noting that the rectified the situation by making her character wear a pair of platform combat boots while filming. “Those shoes hold a special place in my heart.”

When it comes to her height, Lana has no qualms about being on the shorter side. In fact, the actress is a major proponent for self-love.

“When I was a younger girl, and even today, the women that I loved the most were the ones that were just so unapologetically themselves and just radiated love. And I think that that really makes someone who they are today,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in Janaury 2020, noting that confidence is something that she’s “tried to promote through my own career.”

She continued, “The way that I talk to myself needs to be the way that I would talk to my best friend. I would never be mean to my friend. I would never call my best friend the things that sometimes pop into my head about myself.”

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