Is Chase Hudson single? The internet personality, otherwise known as Lil Huddy, has made headlines for his music — but fans also want details on his dating life. Keep reading for everything we know, including relationship updates and more. 

Is Lil Huddy Single?

Following his past public relationships, it appears that Chase is keeping his dating life out of the public eye for the time being. It’s unclear whether or not he’s enjoying a new romance.

“At times I regret not going out enough, not interacting with enough people, and trying to make friends,” the singer told Interview Magazine in April 2021. “Just because I’m a very closed-off person.”

With this in mind, it’s unclear if fans will ever get any major updates on his romances in the future.

Did Lil Huddy and Charli D’Amelio Date?

Yes, the TikTok famous pair was together from early 2020 until Charli D’Amelio announced their initial split via Instagram in April of that same year. However, the pair stayed close following their breakup. It wasn’t until the D’Amelio Show star moved on with Landon Barker that it appeared there was bad blood between herself and Chase.

“I had a boyfriend, Chase. What people don’t understand is that we were dating off the internet, broke up off the internet,” Charli told Hulu viewers during her reality show. “Like, I haven’t talked to him in, like, six months. Things have been over for a while.”

She added, “We have been broken up for so long. If people have a problem with that, that is not my fault. And I owe nothing to you.”

Did Chase Hudson Throw Shade at Charli D'Amelio and Landon Barker? An Explanation Behind the Drama
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During the D’Amelio Show, Landon also weighed in on the drama between himself and Chase.

“People were trying to say that we’ve been seeing each other since February. … People were going on and saying that, like, I was a cheater, and it was just like stupid stuff like that that literally comes out of nowhere,” Charli said. Landon added, “Me and Chase were friends. Obviously, it’s all love to Chase. I have nothing against him. But it wasn’t like we loved each other like brothers then I betrayed him. That’s not what happened.”

Chase, for his part, made headlines after releasing the song “All the Things I Hate About You,” in which he seemingly referred to Charli as a “homie hopper.” But there was no cheating going on.

“I did not cheat on my ex-boyfriend, and they were not best friends,” Charli stated during the D’Amelio Show. “But I’m the whore.”

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