Worlds collide! Eagle-eyed fans are speculating that there might just be a connection between Supernatural and The Last of Us video game. Does that mean fans will be seeing Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins in season 2 of the HBO series? Only time will tell.

Keep reading for all the details. 

Is There a Connection Between ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Last of Us’?

The fan theory first started after Supernatural star Misha (Castiel) tweeted a pretty telling moment from The Last of Us video game.

“Jensen, Have you been getting royalties from @HBO?? As you can see from this video, The Last of Us video game owes its success to its two most recognizable and central characters, ‘Misha and Jensen,’ and by extension, the hit HBO series @TheLastofUsHBO is basically a @mishacollins/@JensenAckles spinoff,” the CW star joked. “So obviously, we should be getting checks. But for some reason, I still haven’t gotten any residual payments from them. Let me know if your agent has any info.”

In the video shared alongside the Twitter post, fans watched a moment from The Last of Us gameplay in which a letter written from someone named Jensen mentioned a Misha.

Is There a ‘Supernatural’ Connection in ‘The Last of Us’? Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Detail Ex
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“How did I overlook this,” one fan wondered when replying. Another added, “OMG I was wondering when y’all would find out.”

Other social media users shared their memories of finding the apparent Supernatural Easter egg when playing the game.

“You should have heard me when I saw that in the game. I gasped so loud my roommate in the other room came to check on me,” one person wrote. Someone else tweeted, “You were the first people I thought about when I played the game and saw this Easter Egg. I found it both hilarious and sad.”

Jensen (Dean Winchester) for his part, replied to his former costar in an equally as hilarious Twitter post.

“Oh … that’s where all these checks are comin’ from,” the Big Sky star joked. “Good lookin’ out buddy.”

What Have ‘The Last of Us’ Creators Said?

Unfortunately, the game’s creator, Neil Druckmann, has not weighed in on the Easter egg just yet.

That being said, there was almost an even bigger Supernatural and The Last of Us connection because Jensen did, in fact, try to play Joel Miller in the HBO series. The role ultimately went to Pedro Pascal.

“I was really kind of pushing hard, but I don’t think I was really in the mix or really had a shot at it,” the Winchesters star shared during a fan convention in December 2022. “That was high up on my radar.”

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