Is Tom Felton single? The actor that played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise is still a certified hearthrob (remember DracoTok?). Keep reading to see if the actor is seeing someone special. 

Is Tom Felton Dating Anyone?

As of 2023, Tom is reportedly a single man! His last longterm relationship was with stunt assistant and actress Jade Olivia Gordon, as the former flames dated from April 2008 till early 2016.

Is Tom Felton Dating Emma Watson?

ICYMI, Tom and Emma Watson starred in all eight Harry Potter films together, as characters Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, respectively. While the films were being made, Emma has admitted on multiple occasions that she crushed on her costar.

“For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush,” she told Seventeen in 2011. “He totally knows. We talked about it — we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.”

Although the duo never crossed over the friendship line while on set, the two are pretty open about the love they have for one another, something that all HP fans have come to adore.

“I’ve always had a secret love for Emma, though not perhaps in the way that people might want to hear,” Tom wrote in his book, Beyond the Wand: The Magic & Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, released in October 2022. “That isn’t to say that there’s never been a spark between us. There most definitely has, only at different times.”

The actor behind Draco Malfoy said that “rumors” of a romance started around the time he was 15 and she was 12 and that he “denied that I liked her in that way, but the truth was different.”

“My girlfriend at the time knew straight away that there was something unspoken between us. I remember using the familiar old line, ‘I love her like a sister.’ But there was more to it than that,” writes Tom. After reflecting on their relationship, he noted that he doesn’t think he was never “in love” with Emma but that he did love her and “admired her as a person in a way that I could never explain to anybody else.”

For her part, Emma described the longtime friends as “soulmates,” but that she often finds their relationship difficult to explain.

“Like Tom, I always struggle to explain to people the nature of our connection and relationship. For more than twenty years now, we’ve loved each other in a special way,” she said in an excerpt from Tom’s book. “It’s one of the purest loves I can think of. We’re soulmates, and we’ve always had each other’s backs. I know we always will. It makes me emotional to think about it.”

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