Is Beomgyu from TXT off the market? We broke down the South Korean singer’s rumored dating life, why K-pop stars in general don’t discuss their love lives and more down below. Keep reading to uncover Beomgyu’s relationship status!

Who Is Beomgyu?

Let’s give you the rundown on Beomgyu first. The K-pop star was born in Daegu, South Korea, on March 13th, 2001 (a Pisces!), and was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’ music label) for around 3 years. He made his debut with TXT in 2019, and was the last member to be revealed.

TXT includes four other members: leader Soobin, Yeonjun,Taehyun and maknae Huening Kai. Oftentimes, Beomgyu is referred to as the “mood maker” of TXT, as his bright and playful personality often effects the moods of his fellow group members.

The band also has a close relationship with their fans, whom are nicknamed MOAs. During their GQ interview, TXT revealed that they see their fans as being an extension of who they are.

“We are in constant conversation with them,” Taehyun revealed. “We not only talk about music, but I also like to listen to their concerns and I update them about what we are doing. I think that’s what being a best friend is about.”

Is TXT’s Beomgyu Dating ITZY’s Yeji?

It appears Taehyun is currently single, as he has not announced that he’s in any public relationships. However, he has been rumored to be dating several celebrities, including ITZY member Yeji in August 2023.

It all began after TikTok user @kimjxnniebxyy shared a headline for an alleged news article that announced that the two were “officially dating,” per Koreaboo. Despite the TikTok going viral, the news article ended up being fake, as the alleged source never posted such a thing. On top of that, neither idols’ agencies ever released any statement regarding their relationship.

ICYMI, it’s almost unheard of for K-pop stars to date publicly, since intense hate and backlash usually follows. As such, some K-pop music companies even have dating “bans” to prohibit their artists from romantic relationships. This has led many fans to “ship” certain idols with one another — without any proof except for a few sidelong glances at Korean music shows.

As for TXT as a whole, the group really hasn’t been any dating drama surrounding them.

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