Is Taehyun from TXT off the market? We broke down the South Korean singer’s rumored (emphasis on rumored) dating life, why K-pop stars usually don’t discuss their dating lives and more down below. Keep reading to uncover Taehyun’s relationship status!

Who Is Taehyun?

First off: let’s give you the rundown on Taehyun. The TXT member was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 5, 2002, making him an Aquarius! He was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment for 3 years before debuting with TOMORROW X TOGETHER in 2019. 

ICYMI, TXT is comprised of 5 members, including Taehyun, leader Soobin, YeonjunBeomgyu and maknae Huening Kai. Debuting with their first single “Crown” in 2019, the boys have accomplished some super impressive feats in the K-pop world. They made history at Lollapalooza in 2022 as the first-ever K-pop group to perform at the famed music festival, and then again in 2023 when they became the first K-pop act to headline the show.

The band also has a close relationship with their fans, whom are nicknamed MOAs. During their GQ interview, TXT revealed that they see their fans as being an extension of who they are.

“We are in constant conversation with them,” Taehyun revealed. “We not only talk about music, but I also like to listen to their concerns and I update them about what we are doing. I think that’s what being a best friend is about.”

Who Is Taehyun Dating?

It appears Taehyun is currently single, as he has not announced that he’s in any public relationships. However, he has been rumored to be dating several celebrities thanks to rumors stirred up by “fans.”

ICYMI, it’s almost unheard of for K-pop stars to date publicly, as intense backlash usually follows. On top of that, some K-pop music companies even have dating “bans” to prohibit their artists from romantic relationships. This has led many fans to “ship” certain idols with one another — without any proof except for a few sidelong glances at Korean music shows.

As for TXT as a whole, the group really hasn’t been any dating drama surrounding them.

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