It looks like there’s no more drama between Jake Paul and the Dolan Twins! That’s right, the internet famous trio recently teamed up for a brand new TikTok after their longtime feud, and fans are pretty shook over the entire thing.

For those who missed it, on Monday, May 25, Grayson Dolan teamed up with Jake for a brand new YouTube video to surprise his brother. Not only did the two internet stars totally prank Ethan, but they also made a seriously nostalgic TikTok video too. Yep, after Grayson gifted his brother with a $40,000 watch — just moments after tricking him into thinking he bought one of Jake’s cars — the brothers and the Team 10 founder recreated one of their old photos together, and we were seriously transported back in time.

“Time flies,” the caption on the now-viral video read.

@jakepaultime flies…. @ethandolan @graysondolan ##foryou♬ original sound – jakepaul

The squad’s entire interaction was seriously shocking, especially since things turned ugly between the group of friends back in 2016 after Jake published a memoir and claimed that he offered the boys a spot in Team 10. When the twins seemingly turned him down, it caused a major rift in their friendship. But Grayson and Ethan said that things went down a little differently.

“Jake never tried to sign us. There’s something in his book that says something how he, like we were his ‘test experiments’ and he flew us out to L.A. — which he didn’t,” Grayson explained in an interview with Caspar Lee at the time.

The drama continued in 2018, when Grayson got into a Twitter feud with Logan Paul. Plus, that same year, Jake slammed some of Ethan and Emma Chamberlain shippers online, which seriously upset the entire fandom.

Then, in February 2019, Jake cleared the air once and for all about his rumored drama with the Dolans. He explained that there’s actually no bad blood between him, Ethan and Grayson after all.

“I think everyone has blown that situation out of proportion. Nothing happened between us. We just kind of went our separate ways in life for a little bit,” he explained. “But recently I have been connecting with them and talking to them. We’re still good friends. We started in this industry together and I definitely see us ending up somewhere together in this industry because they’re awesome kids. We’re great friends at the end of the day. We’re very alike each other. There’s no beef.”

Now, the influencers have proved that they’re pals with this new TikTok video, and we’re so here for it!

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