If you are a fan of James Charles and Demi Lovato, then you’re no stranger to that iconic selfie they once took together. Like come on, it was total perfection. But did you know that the YouTube megastar and the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer are actually really close in real life? Well, it’s true! In a recent video, James just confirmed that he talks to the Disney Channel alum every. single. day. 

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Yep, that’s right! The Sisters Apparel owner took to YouTube on Tuesday for a collaboration with internet legend Jenna Marbles. While doing her makeup, the two got real about their lives. Between chatting about James’ love life to fangirling over each other’s work, the two had a lot to talk about. But fans nearly lost their breath when James casually mentioned to the 32-year-old star that he and Demi are closer than we thought. He even hinted at a future collab. Ugh, our hearts!

“We haven’t filmed together yet, but like she’s just like my favorite person in the entire world. And like I have had so many dark times that her music has helped me get through. And like now her and I literally text every day. And like it’s just so cool just to have that with somebody that you’ve looked up to forever because she’s just literally the nicest,” the 19-year-old makeup guru told his fellow YouTuber.

It’s no secret that James is a huge Lovatic. In fact, he recently linked up with YouTube-famous sisters Cimorelli to perform a medley of iconic Demi songs. And seriously if you haven’t heard it, run don’t walk to that video because it is a serious blessing.

We truly can’t get over the fact that James texts Demi daily. If we ever did that, we think we’d have a heart attack.

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