Fans were pretty shook when Jeffree Star revealed that his video from July 2019 where he surprised ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt with his dream car — an Aston Martin Vantage in Lime Essence — was totally staged. And now, the beauty guru has opened up about why he decided to fake the video in the first place.

“I’m sure you guys are not surprised, but this car was always my car. I paid for it. It was in my name for months and then we filmed that video,” the makeup mogul explained in a new YouTube video. “I always have dreamed about having an Aston Martin. I used to watch 007 movies as a kid … so I always wanted one.”

“I got one and we had a moment where we were like, ‘Oh my God, let’s create a video and just kind of like do fish out of water and make something up,'” he continued. “I regret saying that because I don’t want anyone to ever have doubt, like, ‘Oh my God, did Jeffree fake like X, Y and Z?'”

For those who missed it, the internet went wild after a video posted to the YouTube account Tea Spill pointed out that the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder had seemingly changed the name and description of the video. The title — which has since been retuned to “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!” — was reportedly changed to “Pretending To Surprise My Ex-Boyfriend With His Dream Car.”

A fan’s screenshot also showed that the description — which has also been returned to its original wording now — admitted that the internet star faked the entire thing.

Jeffree Star Admits Video Giving Ex Nathan Schwandt An Aston Martin Was Staged

“It’s like, you all know my relationship was very real, and I think I acted out because I am kinda going through it,” Jeffree explained as to why he decided to change the title and description. “There’s a lot of stuff, really dark, ugly stuff happening behind the scenes since the breakup. I’ve been devastated, honestly. I don’t want to say that because I’m afraid of being degraded online, I’m afraid of people misconstruing what I’m saying and going with it somewhere else. So I’ve been going through it. I really have, and I haven’t told anyone that, I haven’t invented or said a word, but it’s been rough.”

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