Did Jeffree Star shade Nathan Schwandt in his new “Blood Lust” eyeshadow palette? Some fans are convinced that the beauty guru left an important message for his ex in his latest makeup product.

For those who missed it, the internet was pretty shook when the former couple announced that they had split back in January 2020, after more then five years together. And when the makeup mogul dropped his new “Blood Lust” collection one month later, fans quickly noticed something interesting about the names of the eyeshadow shades.

A Reddit user pointed out that in the past, Jeffree has named a lot of his green shades after Nathan. In his newest collection, the YouTuber called his green eyeshadow “Vile Serpent,” and some fans are convinced it’s directed towards his ex-boyfriend.

“I had a look at all the other shades with unique stamps and next to ‘Vile Serpent’ is ‘Betrayal’ which seems kind of telling,” the Reddit user wrote. “I think as well after Jeffree saying that his releases are like album releases, he’s saying that something other than what he’s telling us happened with the breakup? Not that I care much about knowing what happened with his breakup, I just love little hidden details/meanings in pieces of art like this that make it more personal and interesting if you get what I mean?”

It turns out, this isn’t the only time the social media star left a message for fans in his products. Just a few days ago, a fan just found a secret word in their makeup, and the internet went wild over it. One of Jeffree’s loyal customers decided to take the insert out of their “Choking On Ice” highlighter from the “Extreme Frost” collection, and there was a special message hidden underneath! It said “Succeed,” and the fan quickly took to Reddit to share her findings.

“Jeffree never fails to amaze me with his attention to detail,” the user wrote.

Jeffree Star Secret Message Succeed

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