On Sunday, December 15, Jeffree Star took to Instagram Stories and asked fans stay away from his new home. For those who missed it, the YouTube star has officially said goodbye to his well-known “Pink House” and started moving into a new $14.6 million mansion located in Hidden Hills, California. Throughout the entire moving process, the 34-year-old has been keeping fans updated via social media. Despite most of his posts being full of excitement, Jeffree got serious with fans after seeing people driving by and taking pictures of his new house.

“Now listen, if you’re watching this and you live in the area girl, my dogs hear everything,” he said in the since-deleted Instagram Stories. “Please don’t drive by my house. Please don’t take pictures from outside the gate, sweetie. I moved in a gated community for a reason. Listen, when I’m at home b***h, I want peace and quiet.”

The internet star also revealed that along with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree’s assistant and one bodyguard will also be living in the house.

“It’s obviously for me and my family, which I’ll explain in my video soon,” he told viewers. “Me and Nathan are not moving into a massive house by ourselves. My assistant is moving in with us, we have two bodyguards — one of them will be living here onsite — which he is here right now. Hi, armed and ready, miss thing. Some people can be a little crazy.”

He went on to further break down his security measures and revealed that although he isn’t living there right now, is old house is full protected too.

“I also have full security, 24 hours. Y’all know I’m crazy,” he explained. “So at my other house with the vault, there are two people that are sleeping there with security. You know girl, people are crazy nowadays, so I just gotta be fully protected y’all. You can’t play any games nowadays.”

The vault Jeffree referred to in the videos is his closet. As fans know, the bulletproof, stainless steel and pink vault holds his entire collection of designer purses, shoes and sunglasses.

“Of course, it’s locked at all times. You are not getting in here,” Jeffree said when he gave fans a tour of the room in a video from back in May 2019.

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