K-pop group ENHYPEN is ready to show fans their “growth” with first-ever album DIMENSION: DILEMMA. Band members JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO and NI-KI, spoke with J-14 exclusively about their new record — which was released on October 12 — how they’ve learned to work together and more.

“We put in a lot of hard work into bringing our music and performances to the next level with this album,” JAKE says while chatting with Liam McEwan. “So, hope you guys enjoy it.”

Following their debut as group, ENHYPEN has released a few successful EPs, including BORDER: CARNIVAL. With their latest record, DIMENSION: DILEMMA, the group finally has a full-length collection of songs and hopes to achieve worldwide success, adding more listeners into their fanbase — the ENGENEs.

“Since this is our first studio album, our goal is to show our growth as artists through even better music and performances,” JUNGWON explains. “Also, as a group that aims to become the destination for K-pop fans around the world, we hope to reach a wider audience as well, beyond our ENGENEs.”

With this album, specifically, the group worked hard on “improving our skills — in terms of singing and dancing — also developing as an artist.”

JAKE adds, “This album portrays a refreshing and useful side to us as well. So, that’s also something different to look out for.”

Even though there’s seven members in the band, there’s no issues when it comes to working together. ENHYPEN has figured out a way to include everyone’s ideas into the album.

“Even before we went into the actual album preparation process, we held numerous discussions — both with each other and with our label — to narrow down the best concepts and messages that would best convey ENHYPEN’s story,” JAY shares. “Each of us also freely shared our ideas in regards to songwriting, composition [and] choreography.”

Now that ENHYPEN is officially out of their K-pop group “rookie” stage, the boys are ready to share everything they’ve learned since starting their journey in the spotlight.

“As time passes, we’re learning the importance of authenticity expressing our sincere emotions and stories,” HEESEUNG explains. “[This] not only allows us to grow as artists in the process, but also make music that many people can relate to.”

SUNGHOON adds, “ENHYPEN is a team that consists of seven members whose strengths and charms are very diverse and unique in their own ways. We’re all different, but as we spend more time with each other, we’re learning that these individual differences come together to enhance our qualities and create an even stronger synergistic effect.”

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