K-pop group HOT ISSUE is ready for the future! Members Mayna, Nahyun, Hyeongshin, Dana, Yewon, Yebin and Dain chat with J-14 exclusively about their new album ICONS and what’s next for the girl group.

In April, the seven-piece band dropped their debut EP Issue Maker and have come a long way since then.

“It feels like we have all grown to the next level together, and I also feel that we still have a long way to go. We are trying hard to take a step forward,” Hyeongshin tells J-14. Dana adds, “Of course, there is an improvement in our skills. During the first album, it took time to match because of each member’s strong individuality, but these days, I am surprised that the speed of matching has accelerated no matter what we do.”

Standing for “Honest, Outstanding and Terrific ISSUE,” the HOT ISSUE members explain that their group has goals to “create our own honest and great issues.” Before they were formed, the girls “didn’t give up and kept working hard” to achieve their level of fame. Yebin explains that the band’s “powerful and sporty” nature is what differentiates them from other K-pop artists in the music space.

“I think it was decided as HOT ISSUE because it matches the colors of our members and impresses strongly in heads when people hear it,” Nahyun shares, noting that before they came together, all seven members had “a dream of becoming artists.”

Following their debut collection of songs, HOT ISSUE returned to the music world with the lead single — titled “ICONS” — which is from their upcoming album, ICONS. Nahyun explains that the new record will show “our growth” as a group and add to the current evolution of K-pop as a whole.

“I think that current global culture of K-pop was possible thanks to the respected seniors,” Nahyun tells J-14. “I think the global spread of K-pop will further develop as not only HOT ISSUE, but also all artists who are currently active will follow seniors and show great performances and music.”

As they continue to put out new music, HOT ISSUE hopes to take the stage some time in the near future.

“We really want to be with you [for] live performances all the time,” Hyeongshin gushes. “If the situation gets better and everyone gets healthy, we are always willing to perform live with you. Cheer up until then, everyone.” 

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