Get ready to have your minds blown, people, because according to, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are distant cousins! Yep, an interviewer just shared the shocking news with the singer, and her reaction was everything.

“I read somewhere that your baby might have a very famous aunt,” Capital Breakfast radio host Sian Welby said to the “Roar” songstress. “Apparently, you and Taylor Swift are ninth cousins.”

“Someone has literally written a full thing about it on Twitter. They’ve done it on that My Heritage site,” Roman Kemp added.

katy perry taylor swift cousins
Capital FM

“Well, we fight like cousins,” Katy responded. “Wow, I’m going to have to ask her if this is true or if we should get blood tests together.”

Katy Taylor Cousins

OK, how crazy is that?! As fans know, the 35-year-old and the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress were embroiled in a nasty feud for years. As fans know, the two stars first started fighting after Taylor accused Katy of stealing her backup dancers from the Red Tour in 2013. But in July 2019, we all pretty much lost it when Katy made a surprise appearance in Taylor’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video. The ladies hugged it out during the visual, and it was truly a magical moment.

You Need to Calm Down Taylor Swift

“She and I definitely have been on very good terms lately, but I don’t think anybody knew it. We just kind of reconnected privately and just wanted to make sure that everything was really good with us and that it was like a very real thing before we let anyone know,” Taylor told U.K. radio show Heart Breakfast With Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden about the appearance. “We’re not only good but we’re friends again. So it was really wonderful to get to sort of unveil it to the world in like a cheeky sort of fun way.”

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