Everyone was pretty shook when Katy Perry showed up in Taylor Swift‘s “You Need To Calm Down” music video. Why? Well the two stars had been embroiled in a public feud for almost six years before that, so seeing them together was pretty shocking. Now, the “Roar” songstress has opened up about where she and the 30-year-old stand nine months after their reconciliation.

“Well, we don’t have a very close relationship because we are very busy, but we text a lot,” the singer explained to Stellar Magazine. “I was impressed by her documentary [Miss Americana] because I saw some self-awareness starting to happen and I saw a lot of vulnerability. I was really excited for her to be able to show that to the world — that things aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be and it’s more beautiful when they aren’t.”

“Even though it was difficult, it was important to make that appearance in the music video because people want people to look up to,” Katy continued. “We wanted it to be an example of unity. Forgiveness is important. It’s so powerful. If you can forgive your enemy, that’s amazing. As difficult as it is!”

As fans know, these two have had quite a long and rocky history together. They started off as BFFs, but after the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress accused the brunette beauty of stealing her backup dancers from her tour in 2013, things quickly turned ugly between them. The fact that they both dated John Mayer also didn’t help! They feuded for years after that — shading each other left and rightcalling each other out on social media and in interviews and even writing numerous songs about one another!

But in May 2018, Katy let the world know that she was done fighting when she sent the musician a legit olive branch, which historically symbolizes peace.

Taylor Swift Katy Perry Olive Branch

Taylor then baked her former enemy a plate of chocolate chip cookies in June 2019! The blonde beauty even left a nice message on the plate for the 35-year-old, which read, “Peace at last.”

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“She and I definitely have been on very good terms lately, but I don’t think anybody knew it. We just kind of reconnected privately and just wanted to make sure that everything was really good with us and that it was like a very real thing before we let anyone know,” Taylor told U.K. radio show Heart Breakfast With Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden after the music video came out. “We’re not only good but we’re friends again. So it was really wonderful to get to sort of unveil it to the world in like a cheeky sort of fun way.”

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