Fans are seriously worried about KJ Apa after he uploaded video on Sunday, July 19, that showed him removing a piece of metal from his eye! Yep, that’s right, the Riverdale star uploaded a two minute clip of himself and a friend attempting to take a shard of literal metal out of his eyeball.

“A shard of metal got stuck in my eyeball,” the actor captioned the social media post.

Although it’s unclear exactly how the metal ended up in his eye in the first place, the 23-year-old used a Q-tip to remove it. Once it seemed to be out, KJ looked in the mirror and saw a hole in his eye. At first, he started laughing before starting to cry. Ouch.

Naturally, after the video hit the web, KJ’s 18 million followers commented on the post and urged him to see a doctor. Others sent well wishes and said they hoped he was feeling better.

“This happens at my work all the time. Make sure to see a doctor for antibiotics and to confirm you got all of the metal out!” one fan wrote. Another added, “Eyes heal super fast. You will be fine in no time. See an optometrist to make sure its completely gone.”

A third person said, “I felt so bad when he started crying at the very end.”

After the incident, one of his other friends — Danielle Aya Nepus — took to her Instagram Stories and uploaded videos of KJ’s BFF and costar Charles Melton looking into his eye.

“Is it an indentation?” KJ asked. Charles responded, “No, it’s like a hole,” before planting a big kiss on the redhead’s cheek.

As if we needed another reason to be obsessed with their bromance! In all seriousness, we’re super happy that KJ is OK and thankful that Charles was there to seemingly make him feel better.

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