Everyone has insecurities, and the same goes for our favorite stars. Take KJ Apa for example. The Riverdale actor just opened up to ASOS Magazine about the pressures of fame and how it’s effected his confidence, and it’s seriously heartbreaking.

“As soon as I started being on camera so much, I became self-conscious, which I never was [before],” he shared. “Now I look in the mirror and feel unhappy with… whatever. The fact I have to look a certain way for the show, that can be pressuring.”

OMG. KJ, you’re seriously perfect just the way you are! As for how he deals with the immense fame, the 21-year-old admitted that he still doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

“The weird thing is that it used to be people calling me by my character’s name — now people come up to me in the street and know my name. Some people touch you and I had a hard time with people feeling like they can have that intimacy with me,” he continued. “Experiencing what it’s like to be on a huge TV show has given me perspective on people. The attention is strange and not comfortable. You put yourself in their shoes and think, ‘If I saw someone like that, what would I do?'”

And besides the pressures from being in one of the biggest TV shows in America, KJ also admitted that he puts a lot of pressure on himself.

“It’s easy to put pressure on yourself. Recently, [I’ve] been realizing, ‘What do I want as a 21-year-old in life?'” he admitted. “It’s super-important to write down what you want your life to look like in five years. In terms of relationships, battling between staying with the love of your life or being a 21-year-old and not living with regret when you’re older.”

We love you, KJ.

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