Get to know your new favorite heartthrob! Kyle Allen played Joey King‘s love interest in the February 2022 movie The In Between, and his career is still heating up.

The California native moved home after graduating from a rigorous ballet program on the east coast, and that’s when he started acting.

“I moved out to L.A. to stay with a family friend, thinking I’d recover and continue dancing, and in the meanwhile I started going out for really random, really bizarre odd-job acting gigs. A lot of the jobs wound up being random car commercials,” the actor said in a 2017 interview, explaining that after completing “a Pepsi campaign in Japan,” he started taking acting more seriously.

Kyle added, “From there, I really immersed myself in the craft, signing up for a bunch of improv classes, spending hours in the studio and reading tons of books. It took me hundreds of hours in the studio to learn one step of ballet. So I knew that acting was as complex an art form and that it would be no different.”

He started nabbing various TV roles before becoming a leading man. In 2021, he starred as Mark in the rom-com The Map of Tiny Perfect Things before being cast alongside the Kissing Booth star in Paramount+’s The In Between, which is based on a book by author Marc Klein. The writer, who was also a producer on the film, told J-14 exclusively that the crew “flipped out” for Kyle after seeing his audition tape.

“He has so much heart — and you can see the intelligence and sensitivity in his eyes, all the things we needed for Skylar,” Marc recalled. The author also explained that he was working on the end of his book while writing the screenplay for the movie and was able to get feedback from the cast and crew. “The net result was total immersion in the world of my characters,” Marc shared.

Kyle, for his part, told Screen Rant in February 2022 that working on the film was a “spectacular” experience.

“I am doing all in my power to do another movie with her. She’s fantastic,” Kyle told the website of costar Joey. “We had so much fun and I learned so much from her. She is just a blast, makes everyone around her laugh every single day. [She] is in such a positive mood and is a total professional. It was a masterclass.”

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