Today, March 8, is a very important day. And that’s because it’s International Women’s Day! Obviously, women should be celebrated every day, but we honestly love that there’s a national holiday dedicated to all things girl power.

To celebrate the important holiday, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actress Lana Condor teamed up with Old Navy to let her fellow ladies know that the sky’s the limit. The 21-year-old actress joined Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, the only professional female skywriter, and her team, Skytypers, to spread the message in the biggest and most epic way ever — by literally writing it in the sky!

Lana also opened up to Teen Vogue about what being an empowered woman means to her.

“For me, it means being confident and loving myself,” she explained. “I think it’s so easy these days, especially with the influence of social media, to sometimes feel insecure. And so to me, feeling like a confident woman and believing in myself and knowing my worth makes me feel very empowered. Also standing up for myself. Because at the end of the day the only person who you can guarantee is gonna stick up for you is you, so you might as well just be the best, most powerful, and the strongest you to stick up for yourself and to fight for our rights as women and bring each other up instead of pushing each other down.”

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