Well, this is frightening. Liam Payne just revealed on Twitter that he was held at knifepoint as a kid, and he also encouraged his followers to put down their knives and focus on more important things.

So, how did this all come out? Well, when Liam was accidentally tagged in a tweet intended for a different Liam about the importance of speaking out against knife-related crimes, it hit close to home for the One Direction singer and he felt the need to respond.

“I’m with you completely,” he tweeted. “Having a knife in your pocket doesn’t make you any more of a person. It makes you a risk put it down and don’t become a statistic. Find your power in other things that make you become more and greater than you ever thought you could be.”

Clearly, Liam feels extremely passionate about this topic, and when the woman thanked him for publicly speaking on the issue, he explained that he felt compelled to respond given his own personal experience with knife-related violence.

“I had to respond … I was held at knifepoint by a man in Bilston when I was 12 and me and my friend were robbed luckily that was all that happened and me and my friend walked away with our lives not everyone is so lucky … any support you need count me in #knifecrime.”

Of course, fans of the 25-year-old “Strip That Down” singer were shocked to hear the news, and several of them showed their support on the social media platform.

One fan tweeted, “oh my god that’s horrible. im so sorry for that happened to you and your friend. no one deserves this,” with another person adding, “Thank you for sharing your experience Liam, it truly puts a lot of perspective into what’s happening. in London alone, the knife crime rates have risen up by so much and something needs to change. I’m so glad you’re using your influence and platform to help and talk about this.”

Thanks for sharing this, Liam. Please continue to use your platform to spread awareness about things like this.

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