Warning: Spoilers ahead. Is there more drama to come from Creekwood High? Love, Victor was officially renewed for third season on Hulu!

Following it’s successful inaugural season in June 2020, the streaming service brought back viewers’ favorite characters for a second season that premiered exactly a year later. This time, Victor (played by Michael Cimino) was out and proud, and discovering himself through his relationship with Benji (played by George Sear).

“It’s an honor to play Victor, and a big responsibility. I went in with the pure intent to represent that correctly,” Michael said during a June 2021 interview with Attitude magazine. “I held myself to a really high standard to make sure everyone going through this story felt represented by the show.”

Along with Michael and George, the series stars Anthony Turpel, Rachel Naomi Hilson, Bebe Wood and Mason Gooding, and centers around the life of the fictional Victor and his friends as they learn to navigate high school, first-time romances and their sexuality. While season 1 famously ended with a cliffhanger that kept viewers wondering whether or not Victor came out to his parents (spoiler alert: he did), the second batch of episodes focused on the character embracing himself and trying new things after coming out.

“This season is definitely more about Victor discovering what being gay means to him and what it means to the rest of the world,” Michael told Good Morning America prior to the season 2 premiere. “Now it’s kind of talking about the dynamic that he has between both his parents — because he has one parent that is really accepting and one parent that is struggling with the fact that they love their religion but also love their child.”

While dealing with and struggling with acceptance from his parents, Victor ends up in a love triangle with boyfriend Benji and newcomer Rahim (played by Anthony Keyvan). As for who Victor chooses in the end, that’s up for the public to decide. At least until season 3 premieres. In typical Love, Victor fashion, the show ended with some more loose ends and no answers as to whether or not the main character decides to pick Benji or Rahim.

“I’m kind of 50/50. Part of me, obviously, wants him to choose Rahim because I’m a little biased,” Anthony told HollywoodLife in June 2021. “But another part of me wants him to at least have a conversation with Benji. I mean, hopefully, maybe that’s the outcome of whoever opens that door. Maybe that’s what happens. But at the end of the day, I want what’s best for Victor and what’s going to make him the happiest.”

So is there a season 3 on the way? Scroll through our gallery to see what we know so far!

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