He’s hoping to change the world! Ludacris — whose real name is Chris Bridges — teamed up with Netflix for his passion project Karma’s World, an animated series inspired by his eldest daughter, Karma.

“The idea for Karma’s World came about because I was making all this music in my home studio and when she was sick, she used to come and barge in all the time and say she wanted to do music too,” the singer-turned-actor, 44, tells J-14 exclusively while promoting his partnership with Moose Toys and KidNation. “So, I had to sit her down and say, ‘If you want to do music, you have to talk about what goes on in your life, ’cause daddy talks about what goes on in his.’ And that birthed the whole idea of Karma’s World.”

Exclusive: Ludacris Wants to ‘Change Things for the Better’ With Passion Project ‘Karma’s World’

The series, which premiered via the streaming service on October 15, tells the story of a middle schooler named Karma (voiced by Asiahn Bryant) who has big dreams to be a successful musician and an even bigger heart. The rapper not only created the series, but he is listed as an executive producer and voices the role of Conrad Grant, Karma’s dad.

“All of the lessons that are in Karma’s World are a lot of the lessons that happened, not only with Karma when she was young, but within the household,” Ludacris explains. “If you have shows like this, that open up conversation where your kids are starting to ask questions … it’s a perfect opportunity to teach them and talk about certain things that will come up in their lives anyway.”

The Fast and Furious franchise star also tells J-14 that the release of Karma’s World came after years of dedication. Karma was 6 years old when they first started the process of creating the series. Now, she’s 20 and “loves” the show.

“We went through so many different phases, you know, with the music, with the animation and all these different things,” the multihyphenate recalls. “The world has a way of bringing something out at the perfect timing and now could not be more perfect.”

Exclusive: Ludacris Wants to ‘Change Things for the Better’ With Passion Project ‘Karma’s World’

Aside from Karma’s World, Ludacris has also teamed up with Moose Toys and KidNation to release a song, titled “Puppy Love,” to coincide with the drop of the Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts plush toys. The musician — who also has two other daughters — shares that his kids “can’t get enough” of these toys.

“I have this platform, which is for kids’ music enrichment, and it’s a platform that’s educating kids, and it’s called KidNation,” he shares. “We made an original song called ‘Puppy Love’ that goes right along with the whole idea and inspiration behind … being able to take special care and responsibility of your puppy and understanding that underneath is what counts. … Just taking the time of nurturing and showing them responsibility.”

Ludacris gushes that his 6- and 7-year-old daughters “constantly are singing” the song.

“I’m all about educating the new generation, of course, because when you have kids, that’s really what your life becomes dedicated to is making the world a better place,” he adds. “I’m so happy right now because I’m doing my duty, man. You know, when we have a purpose on this earth and you know that you can change things for the better, there’s no better feeling in the world.”

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