As the finals for The Masked Singer approaches, everyone is scrambling to try to uncover which stars are underneath each costume! Yep, with only nine contestants left, the finals will kick off with a special two-hour episode on Wednesday, April 1 — and fans cannot wait!

For those who don’t know, The Masked Singer is a super popular reality series on Fox that features various celebrities dressed head to toe in costumes to hide their real identity. Throughout the season, a panel of judges is given clues about each person to help them guess who’s under the mask. Each star also has the opportunity to perform a song of their choice, so the audience and judges can vote. Then, the person with the lowest number of votes is forced to reveal their true identity to the crowd.

So far, the Season 3 contestants who were eliminated include T-Rex (Jojo Siwa), Swan (Bella Thorne), Bear (Sarah Palin), Taco (Tom Bergeron), Mouse (Dionne Warwick), Elephant (Tony Hawk), Miss Monster (Chaka Khan), Llama (Drew Carey) and Robot (Lil Wayne).

But who is left in the competition? We went ahead and made you guys a list of the nine masked singers still competing, the clues we have so far about their identity and who fans think is underneath each costume. Scroll through our gallery to check it out!

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