Get ready, you guys, because a reboot of one of our old favorite movies is officially in the works! Yep, it’s been reported that Sony is remaking the classic flick Matilda, and you’re never going to believe who is set to star as Miss Trunchbull. Drum roll please… It’s the one and only Ralph Fiennes — who fans may recognize from his role as Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies — and we cannot wait to see this.

For those who forgot, the movie (which was based off of a novel written by Roald Dahl) was actually turned into a Broadway musical back in 2010. And according to Deadline, the new film will actually be adapted from that! For those who forgot, the story followed a young bookworm who discovered she had magical powers after constantly being put down by her parents and the mean principle at her school, Miss Trunchbull.

The show’s original director, Matthew Warchus, has reportedly signed on for the upcoming movie. Plus, Dennis Kelly — who adapted the first movie from the novel — is set to write the screenplay. It’s unclear if any of the original stars will reprise their roles, but either way, we know this is going to be iconic!

That’s not all. It’s also been reported that Netflix is planning to turn Matilda, and a bunch of other stories from Roald, into animated series — including Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and The BFG. Wow, this is seriously a dream come true!

Matilda isn’t the only thing to get a reboot this year. Fans have been super excited ever since Disney announced that a new Lizzie McGuire show was in the works! That’s right, more than 19 years after the series first premiered on Disney Channel, the network is bringing it back — complete with the original cast and everything. 2020 is definitely going to be an epic year when it comes to movies and TV shows!

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