Throwing it back to the mid-2000s, Max Thieriot was pretty much the cutest guy on the block. If you don't remember the name, you will definitely remember his face. You saw him steal Emma Roberts' heart as Ned Nickerson in Nancy Drew, he sung and danced in The Pacifier, and had his name cleared by Abigail Breslin in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

In addition to his good looks, he had some serious acting chops. He was signed to a manager in Hollywood after taking just one improv class (if only it was so easy for all of us!) Then, in 2004, he starred in his first movie, Catch That Kid with Kristen Stewart and Corbin Bleu. Not a bad way to start an acting career. He clearly couldn't get enough of K-Stew, because he co-starred with her again in the 2008 science fiction movie Jumper. But don't start thinking there was anything like that going on between Max and Kristen. In fact, you probably never heard of Max dating his Hollywood co-stars. That's because, throughout his career, he was in a long-term relationship with his high school girlfriend Lexi Murphy.

Well, Max is no longer the cute little teen we were crushing on back in his Nancy Drew days. In fact, he's now 28! He's been pretty busy since he was acting in high-school movies, so check out what he's been up to:

He's now married and is a dad.

That's right! Little Ned Nickerson is all grown up. Remember that long-time girlfriend we mentioned earlier? Well they got married back in 2013. In fact, Max proposed to Lexi in the Caribbean, where they met so many years before. Check out these adorable photos of them at their junior prom, compared to them today.

max thieriot junior prom

max thieriot lexi

We can't believe how grown up he is, and how adorable he looks with his wife. In 2015, Max and Lexi welcomed their first baby, a boy named Beaux, into the world. They're pretty much the most picture perfect family, if we say so ourselves.

max thieriot fam

Max starred on the series, Bates Motel.

Max is still acting, and joined the main cast of Bates Motel in 2013. He played Dylan Masset, Norman Bates's half-brother. The show was nominated for a lot of awards, and even won three People's Choice Awards! And Rihanna once guest-starred on the show so you know it's something special is RiRi graces everyone with her presence.

bates motel

He's going to star on a new CBS show.

If you miss seeing Max on your screen since Bates Motel ended, then don't worry, you won't be missing him for very much longer. He's been cast as Officer Clay Spenser on SEAL Team, the newest CBS show. It's a military drama that will follow an elite team of Navy SEALs during their high-level training and dangerous missions. Clay is a young multi-lingual, second generation SEAL, who is going through training in the hopes of joining the team. It's pretty crazy that back in 2005, Max played a moody teenager in The Pacifier while Vin Diesel starred as a Navy SEAL who saves the day. Now Max has come full circle, and is a starring SEAL himself. We are super impressed, and can't wait to watch the show, which premieres at 9/8c on Wednesday, September 27 on CBS.

He's not just an actor.

Max actually has not one, not two, but three careers! In addition to acting, he's also tried his hand at directing. He directed during his run on Bates Motel, spearheading an episode in the fifth season titled "Hidden." He is also a vintner. If you don't know what that means (we had to look it up), he basically owns vineyards in his hometown of Occidental, CA. He runs the vineyards alongside his best childhood friends, and they even sell wine under the label Senses. A fun fact is that, in one episode of Bates Motel, the main characters drink Max's wine!

He's a huge foodie.

Max's Instagram is full of adorable pics of his family and behind-the-scenes shots of whatever project he's working on, but it's also chock-full of delicious meals and snacks. Max loves to travel around the country trying different delicious local foods, but he's also a great chef. He bakes chocolate souffle and weekly meal prep. He also cooked some pretty impressive turkeys on Thanksgiving, and loves to fish and cook what he's caught.

chocolate souffle

You can cook for us any time, Max.

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