He’s not a Nickelodeon star anymore! Nat Wolff got his start thanks to The Naked Brothers Band, but now, he’s a well-known actor.

“In the show, we play huge, famous rock stars,” the star told The New York Times in September 2007. “After the show came on, people began to really treat us like huge rock stars. They’d scream on the street, and we’d look behind us to see what they were screaming about, because we didn’t realize it was us.”

The frenzy surrounding himself and his brother, Alex Wolff, has since calmed down since their days as young heartthrobs, but the siblings are still household names. Nat, for his part, went on to nab a bunch of roles once The Naked Brothers Band series came to an end in 2009. One notable role was Isaac in the 2014 movie The Fault in Our Stars. From there, he went on to star in another book-to-film adaptation. In 2015, Nat played Quentin “Q” Jacobsen in Paper Towns. Both movies were based on books by author John Green.

“I did feel like — because I was in a band and because I grew up in New York and because I was acting — I may have grown up a little quicker,” the actor told Variety in July 2015 about Paper Towns. “For the movie, I felt like I almost went in a time machine back to a time where I was a little more innocent and I had two best friends. There really was a period of time when I had two best friends, and I ended up really liking the idea of girls without really knowing them, kind of the way Quentin does. And by the end of the movie, I just wanted to live in that world. I didn’t want to leave.”

Of course, Nat did leave that film world and went on to star in tons of other projects. During an interview with WWD from May 2021, he opened up about how taking a break from work amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic helped him creatively.

“I was working as a kid,  and then I, kind of, went to high school, and I’ve pretty much been going from set to set since I was like 18 or 17. So, this has been my first time having that time off,” the Nickelodeon alum explained. “I’ve gotten to just spend time making music with my brother. And so, in a lot of ways, I’ve gotten to do a lot of really exciting things during this horrible time. But now, I’m ready to get back to set. I’m like, ‘OK, I’m done.’”

Now, the actor is booked, busy and has new music in the works. Click through our gallery to see Nat’s total transformation over the years. 

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