NewJeansHaerin is too powerful, seriously! The K-pop star has gone viral over and over again for her ethereal looks, stunning vocals and impressive dancing. Keep reading to learn more about Haerin.

Who Is Haerin?

Haerin was born in Gimcheon, South Korea, on May 15, 2006, making her a Taurus.

She’s known for her cat-like looks, and being the introvert of NewJeans, as the other 4 members are quite extroverted. However, Haerin’s also the member that goes viral online the most: her singing the word “omona” during a cover performance of Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” in December 2022 garnered millions of views and clips on social media.

Who Are NewJeans?

NewJeans is a five-member girl group consisting of Haerin, MinjiHanniDanielle and Hyein. The group, produced by BTS’ company HYBE, is managed by a new independent label called ADOR. The CEO of ADOR is Min Hee-Jin, who is most known for her work with K-pop groups like Red Velvet, Girl’s Generation and F(x).

ICYMI, K-pop is very well-known for its large-scale debuts of new groups, which usually is a months-long process filled with video teasers, sneak peeks and introducing the members one by one to the public.

newjeans haerin
YouTube/HYBE Labels

However, what made NewJeans so unique was their complete subversion of that debut formula. The girls released their first song and music video for “Attention” on July 21, 2022, without any warning. They then released four separate music videos for the same song called “Hype Boy,” another music video for “Hurt” and then their official debut song and music video for “Cookie.”

“Before debuting, our president would invite us each into her home for a meal, and there was one time she invited us over as a group,” Hyein recalled during an interview with Rolling Stone in June 2023. “She asked us, ‘How would you want to roll out teasers for your debut?’ I think she was curious about what we would say. I just said, ‘I think it would be fun to just have no teaser at all,’ and she said ‘Oh? That’s actually what we’re planning on doing!'”

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