We can’t say we’re surprised, but Niall Horan is out here showing his support for Ariana Grande in a major way. And it’s as relatable as it gets.

It all started when a fan tweeted at the former One Direction member, writing, “I wonder if Niall likes 7 rings.” His response?

“Love 7 rings,” the 25-year old singer replied. “Anything @ArianaGrande touches just turns to gold.”

UGH, our hearts! Turns out, the feeling is mutual. Back in 2015, there were rumors that the two might be more than just friends — and while Ari totally slammed the rumors, she also gushed about how great of a guy the “Slow Hands” singer is.

“My friend Fredo is really close with Niall and he came to my show in London, I met him there, he was super nice. We then all went over [to Niall’s] for a game night, it was really fun,” the “Sweetener” songstress told the Daily Mirror. “He’s really nice, [but] I’m honestly so tired of talking about dating and my love life and everything. I’m kinda doing my thing right now. People don’t ask the men. It’s like, ‘Is that the only thing we have to talk about? Is that the only thing women are relevant for is their relationship with men?’ No.”

Girl’s got a point! Two people should totally be able to support and hang out with one another without being shipped! And it looks like there’s nothing more going on between the two other than a good old friendship. Something we would absolutely love to see though is an epic song collaboration between the two singers. We can dream, right?!

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Niall is a huge fan of the 25-year-old Nickelodeon alum — just like the rest of us! Welcome to the club, Nialler.

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