Ever since Niall Horan finished up the world tour for his first solo studio album, Flicker, last year, we all couldn’t help but wonder when his next batch of new songs will be coming out. We mean, Flicker was filled with bops and was easily one of our most-played albums of 2018, so it’s only natural that everyone’s dying for his next album, right? Well, the singer just revealed that his highly anticipated second studio album is officially done, and um, we’re freaking out.

Get this, you guys — ODE Entertainment just interviewed the former One Direction singer and he confirmed that not only is he finished worked on NH2, but he’s also got a new single coming just around the corner. SCREAMING.

“I’ve got an album on the way, it’ll be towards the end of the year, maybe next year,” he told the outlet. “I’ll have a single in the next few months. I just came back to London for the summer because [the album’s] finished and I want to enjoy myself.”

That’s right, people. We are just months away from a new album from the 25-year-old. And ICYMI, Niall’s actually already shared a ton of details about what we can expect from his upcoming music over the last few months. He first revealed he was back in the studio in November of 2018, and thankfully, he’s kept us all updated along every step of the journey.

So what will his second album sound like, you ask? Will it be a lot like Flicker or will it have a brand new style? And most importantly, will there be any collaborations on it? Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up everything we know so far about NH2 (including the possible Shawn Mendes and Liam Payne collab!), and it seriously sounds like it’s going to be epic. Scroll through our gallery for all the details on Niall’s second studio album.

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