Niall Horan just finished up the world tour for his first solo studio Album, Flicker. And as soon as it wrapped, we all couldn’t help but wonder when his next LP will be coming out. Well, the singer just revealed that he’s already back in the studio cooking up some new tunes and we’re freaking out! So when will we get the album? What will it sound like? Will there be any collaborations? Here’s everything we know so far about NH2.

The release date.

Niall first confirmed that he was taking some time off to work on his second studio album on the one year anniversary of Flicker.

“I loved going all over the world and performing it for you guys and seeing your reactions to each song made me so happy,” the singer wrote of the album on Oct. 20. “Now it’s time for me to write the next one and you’ll be the first people to know when I am finished.”

But after he revealed that he had to undergo sinus surgery, fans started to worry that we might not get the album for a long time. But after a few weeks of recovery, the singer is back in the studio and he’s working harder than ever! He took to his Instagram story last week, where he revealed that he’d been in the studio for a few days already and was super proud of himself.

“Cheers to me getting off the couch and making tunes. Three days in and it’s feeling good!!!!!!” he wrote alongside an adorable selfie. He also took to Twitter to share his progress.

“Very exciting watching my ideas come to life in the studio so far,” the singer tweeted on Nov. 21.

OK, so even though we don’t have an official release date yet, at least we do know that the process has officially begun.

The sound.

And what can we expect the new album to sound like? The 25-year-old recently revealed that he wants to channel the “funky sexiness” that he used in his hit single “Slow Hands.”

“That’s what I’ll aim for next time, not so much electric but that bit of dirt; yeah, dirt is the word,” Niall said while speaking on George Ezra’s podcast.

As for his musical inspirations for the next album, he admitted he’s been listening to a lot of Elton John and Coldplay.

“Coldplay have done so well over the years, moving with the times and kept originality,” he continued. “They’ve got a least two off every album where you go, ‘Woah, banger.’”

The collaborations.

Niall also admitted to George that he’s been collaborating with some of his old favorite people on the album, as well as some new ones. As for the old favorites, he might have been referring to Julian Bunetta and John Ryan, who made an appearance on the singer’s Instagram story last week. In case you forgot, these two worked closely with One Direction on all of their albums. They also worked on Flicker with Niall, and on Harry Styles‘ solo album.

As for the new ones, he might have been referring to Shawn Mendes! Although there’s no confirmation that they’re making music together, the two were spotted hanging out last week, so we’re praying!

So that’s it folks, everything we know so far about Niall’s much anticipated second studio album. Although we don’t have that much to go off of yet, we are super excited and we can already tell it’s going to be a total bop.

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