It seems like it was legit overnight that the world fell in love with Noah Centineo. Although he’s been acting for years now — with his many Disney Channel roles to his starring role as Jesus on The Fosters — some of his fans have been with him for a while now. But it the part of Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’s rom-com with a heart of gold, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, that created the Noah fever. And right when the movie hit the streaming service and everyone became, well legit obsessed with it, Noah found himself in the midst of a private photo and video scandal. So what happened? Well…

There were alleged leaked videos of Noah that surfaced online.

Twitter was suddenly flooded with alleged private videos of the 22-year-old actor that very obviously weren’t meant to be seen by millions of strangers online. It was very interesting timing, as his Netflix movie was literally becoming more and more beloved by the minute and Noah, his co-star Lana Condor, and their characters’ love story seemed to be trending every single day. So whoever it was that leaked these videos really had impeccable timing. Most fans saw this as a total disrespect of Noah’s privacy.

And while this initially happened back in August, they seemed to have resurfaced and fans are wondering what is going on.

Has Noah ever addressed the incident?

Yes and no. During an interview with The Cut, him being the subject of the nude video leak did come up and being a total pro, he simply said, “I understand why you have to ask that question. I just hope you understand why I’m not gonna answer it.”

So to recap, Noah has never confirmed or denied if it’s actually him in these videos, but the fact that he’s not commenting on it is clearly his way of not wanting to call attention to the situation at all. It’s always an invasion of privacy when something you didn’t intend to be distributed ends up online for the world to see, but he’s choosing to not pay it any mind, so maybe we should all take that cue too.

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