Talk about awkward! Noah Cyrus was just cut off mid-sentence during a live TV interview, and she was not happy bout it. Yep, the singer seemed completely unamused after the talk show host told her they were “out of time” in the middle of her answering a question.

While Noah was speaking out about the inspiration behind her new EP, The End of Everything, on the show Good Morning Britain, host Charlotte Hawkins stopped her abruptly after interviewing her for only two minutes.

“There’s so much hate in the world and we need so much love. I think about how much love I have from my family and that it’s going to come to an end, it’s a bittersweet…” Noah explained before the interviewer cut in, “I’m so sorry we’re out of time. We’ve got to leave it there, but thanks for joining us.”

“We look forward to the EP, it’s called The End of Everything. Best of luck with it. Thanks very much for joining us, and that’s it from us,” Charlotte added.

The 20-year-old “Good Cry” songstress definitely did not look pleased, but didn’t respond.

As fans know, Noah isn’t the only star to be interrupted recently. Back in June, fans went into a frenzy after Niall Horan‘s performance on RTÉ’s Comic Relief was cut short. In the middle of him singing, the show ended his segment.

As he was cut off, a puppet in the show joked, “We wanted Harry Styles, we wanted Harry Styles, you’re only getting a minute and a half” as the presenter, Ray D’Arcy laughed and shouted, “No, no!”

But when fans started to slam the interview online, the One Direction singer let everyone know that there were no hard feelings because him and the show. He revealed that he was actually “in on the joke.”

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