Payton Moormeier has stepped into the music industry! That’s right, the internet sensation, who has more than 12 million followers on TikTok, just dropped his debut single — “Love Letter” — and we cannot stop listening to it!

In honor of his brand new song, we caught up with the singer and songwriter, and he spilled all the tea on the inspiration behind it, his upcoming music and more!

J-14: Tell us about “Love Letter!” What’s it about?!

Payton Moormeier: “Lover Letter” is about a relationship that I was in a little bit ago, it ended very quickly and out of the blue and left me with no closure for a while.

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone or anything in your real life? 

Payton: It was inspired by a girl I was in a relationship with and I was very invested in her and it just wasn’t mutual, I guess. Just a cheesy summer love story that ended up leaving me heartbroken and writing a “Love Letter.”

J-14: Is it ever nerve-wracking to release something that’s so personal to you?

Payton: Always, everyone has their own opinions, and putting so much work and time into a project and never knowing how it’s gonna be received is always nerve-wracking.

J-14: Tell us about the music video!

Payton: The music video is just a cool almost “behind-the-scenes” of us making the song, which I love because it not only lets me re-live that amazing day but it also lets all the fans and supporters see a little bit into making the song.

J-14: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Payton: Post Malone or Blackbear.

J-14: What’s your writing process like?

Payton: 99 percent of the time it starts with an experience that has or just happened. Then I try and dig deep into how I was feeling going through it and then it’s just turning the story into a song.

J-14: Any plans to release more music? Maybe an album?

Payton: I have three other singles right now that I’m excited about releasing but one of the singles might be saved for an EP.

J-14: I know you’re super big on TikTok — which TikTokers do you like to watch?

Payton: Payton King — funniest TikToker in my opinion by far.

J-14: Can you talk a little bit about your rise to fame? How did you get so much attention online?

Payton: I came up very slowly and casually, took me almost thee years to hit one million, and then after that, I jumped from one million to 10 million in another year, but honestly couldn’t tell you how I got so much attention. I am super grateful to have come this far.

Payton Moormeier
Jack Dytrych

J-14: How are you staying busy amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Payton: I have a great team behind me helping me creatively find ways to get work done while staying safe, but most importantly still hitting the studio sessions and getting new songs made!

J-14: Any advice for fans who are struggling during this time?

Payton: It’s definitely a different and hectic time in the world right now, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel so keep your head on your shoulders and I got your back!

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