Thanks to author Rick Riordan, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series was born. Then, in 2010, the novels were brought to life on the big screen for a film series starring Logan Lerman as the title character. Keep reading for more details about whether new movies are in the works. 

How Many ‘Percy Jackson’ Movies Are There?

The first film, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, was released in 2010 with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters releasing in 2013. Both movies were based off of the first two books in the series, which has a total of five books — and a sixth on the way.

Will There Be a ‘Percy Jackson 3’?

“If we want to make a third one I have to do it, I’m contractually obligated to three movies,” Logan told U.K.’s Independent in 2014. However, a third film was never made.

“I know the fans would really like it and I really want another one,” the Stuck in Love star shared of the film franchise while at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2015. “I think we all are getting a little old to play those characters, so I wouldn’t hold my breath necessarily.”

Instead of another movie, it was announced in April 2021 that there was a Percy Jackson series on the way for Disney+.

Will Logan Lerman Return to the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series? What We Know About Disney+’s Show

What to Know About the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series

In a July 2022 blog post, author Rick speculated that the show might have a 2024 release date. However, this has yet to be confirmed by the streaming service.

Walker Scobell, who is set to star as Percy Jackson, announced in February 2023 that the cast had officially wrapped filming. Months prior, the young actor revealed which scene from the book series he was most excited to bring to life,

“It was the Ares fight. That was probably the coolest fight in the whole series,” he told IMDb in September 2022. “When I got casted for this, the first thing I thought was, ‘Ares fight.’ I’m so excited to do it.”

Will Logan Lerman Be in the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series?

“I’m really excited,” Logan shared with The Hollywood Reporter in August 2022 of his possible involvement. “Curious to see it — everything I’ve seen so far, peripherally, just about casting and how they’re doing it, and that [Percy Jackson author] Rick [Riordan] is running it, just makes me happy. It makes me happy for the fans and excited for this new generation to watch it.”

When asked about being in the show, the actor admitted that no one has “talked to me” about making an appearance. He added, “I probably would’ve heard something by now. But either way, who cares? It’s awesome that they’re making it, and I’m excited to see them do it.”

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