Maia Reficco is sure to be a name on everybody’s lips after her role in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin! The reboot of the iconic Freeform show includes a whole new group of pretty little liars, including Maia who stars as Noa Olivar. Keep reading to find out more on the young actress and her character in PLL: Original Sin.

Who Is Maia Reficco?

Maia is pretty new to TV and film. The 22-year-old has starred in Kally’s Mashup ¡Un cumpleaños muy Kally!Kally’s Mashup and Sometimes I Feel Like Dying. She is set to star in Do Revenge, which is a horror-comedy with a star-studded cast including Maya HawkeCamila MendesSophie TurnerRish ShahAustin Abrams and Jonathan Daviss. Maia will be playing a character named Montana in the upcoming movie.

Fun fact: Maia is actually a huge fan of the original Pretty Little Liars! “Not only did I watch Pretty Little Liars, but I was obsessed with it and I have receipts,” Maia gushed in a YouTube video for HBO Max. “I have had ‘Ezria’ written on my bed since I was sixteen. It’s so insane to be here.”

Who Does Maia Reficco Play in PLL: Original Sin?

In Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Maia plays the character of Noa Olivar. Noa is described as “a track star who is freshly out of juvenile detention. Her character is sarcastic, straightforward, spunky and definitely loyal to her friends,” according to Deadline.

“I would describe Noa as very straightforward. She is funny, she is ironic,” Maia explained to HBO Max. “She’s extremely driven and extremely caring. That’s something that really makes her Noa.”

Along with her description of Noa, Maia also explained where her character starts out in the beginning of the series. “She starts off with an ankle monitor. She’s just come out of juvie, and at the same time she’s an athlete. She really brings a very different energy than the rest of the girls,” she revealed. “As the story progresses, you really see this never-ending loyalty that she develops for the girls. She’s written so beautifully and with so many layers.”

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