Get ready to see some of your favorite YouTubers like you’ve never seen them before! Get this, you guys — a bunch of the biggest influencers are getting their very own Snapchat reality shows! Yep, the app announced on Wednesday, July 10 that 19 social media stars — yes, we did say 19 — will be joining their brand new series, called Creator Show.

Celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Jordyn Jones, Keke Palmer, Loren Gray, Baby Ariel, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Teala Dunn, FaZe Banks, Spencer Pratt and more will be uploading original content through the app. Each star will get their own show, based on their lives, personalities and day-to-day activities. Each show will have about eight to 10 episodes, and the episodes are going to be three to five minutes long. The shows are set to start rolling out this Wednesday, July 16, through early 2020, and you can find them on the discover page of the app.

For Jordyn’s show, she’s going to take a look back at her favorite toys from when she was a kid. As for Keke, she’ll be dishing out all kinds of advice. Loren will be sharing a bunch of beauty tricks and tutorials on her show. While Spencer, on the other hand, will be discussing drama and clout in the YouTube community. The rest of the shows and what they’ll be about unfortunately haven’t been revealed yet, but boy, does this sound like it’s going to be good!

“Having the opportunity to convey the importance of confidence through my passion for makeup with the Snapchat community has been an amazing experience,” Loren said in a statement.

And Emma is just as excited!

“Snapchat has always been my favorite platform to post random and funny things on because it’s so relaxed,” she gushed. “My favorite part about it is that I get to watch my own Snapchat Stories a few hours after I post them for entertainment…. kind of embarrassing, I know…”

Same, girl. Other stars on the exciting new roster include Rickey Thompson, GeeohSnap, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Chantel Jeffries, Denzel Dion, The Real Tarzann and Jibrizy. Wow, we seriously cannot wait to see this!

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