Some celebs can pull off any hair color! Sophie Turner‘s long locks have gone through various changes, which stemmed from her role on Game of Thrones from 2011 to 2019.

The actress was a known redhead while playing Sansa Stark on the HBO series. But when she had a break between seasons or when filming came to an end, the actress would step out with various blonde hues.

“I’m very experimental, and having been a redhead for so long and not being allowed to do anything to my hair, now I’m like, ‘I just want to do everything!'” Sophie told Allure in February 2018 about dying her hair. “It’s like when you’re told not to push a button or play with knives, all you want to do is push a button or play with knives.”

She added: “I’d be kind of down to dye it a crazy color like blue, or gray or gunmetal. I definitely want to cut my hair shorter and just dye it a crazy color at one point.”

Throughout her career, Sophie has gone between different shades of red and blonde hair, which one time led to a mishap that forced her to wear a wig on the Game of Thrones set.

“When I got back from the salon, I was brushing my hair, and it was coming right out. It was awful,” the X-Men: Dark Phoenix star recalled to Refinery29 in January 2019. “When I went back to Game of Thrones, the [stylists] said, ‘I don’t know if we can dye it, it might ruin your hair. It’s in such bad condition.’ So, I wore a wig. Before that, I was changing my color with semi-permanent dye for Game of Thrones, so I would have to dye it quite a lot — twice a week maybe.”

During the same interview, Sophie explained how she’s had “different” feelings depending on the color of her hair.

“With my red, I feel very empowered, because with every character that I’ve played that has red hair, they’ve been such a strong and powerful character,” she shared. “I love it for that. But, my blonde hair gives me a new identity that’s actually me. I feel more at-home when I come back to my blonde hair; it also makes me feel a bit cooler and edgier.”

The one thing she hasn’t done? Gone brunette! Scroll through our gallery to see Sophie’s hair changes over the years. 

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