TikTok squad The Sway House has come under some major fire from their neighbors. Yep, the people who live next door to them are reportedly not happy with the group of influencers, after the street became a “party warzone,” despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to Daily Mail, “Partygoers have been defecating and urinating in the street, having sex in cars, smoking marijuana in a fire risk area and blocking the street until dawn.”

As fans know, the house where Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Blake Gray live had its power and electricity shut off by the Los Angeles Mayor after after they threw numerous celebrations, despite California’s recommendation that residents avoid prolonged, unmasked contact with those outside of their homes.

Mark Mothersbaugh, who is the lead singer of the former band Devo, allegedly lives two doors down from the social media stars, and according to the outlet, he has called the police on their “COVID rule-breaking parties.” His wife, Anita, told them that her 70-year-old husband caught the deadly disease back in June and “came close to death in the ICU.” She said she was “furious” at the guys for “disturbing her husband’s recovery.”

“This virus is no joke, I’ve experienced it first-hand,” she said. “There was a week where my daughters thought he would die. It makes me crazy, the sheer inconsideration. It goes on all day long. There are people in the pool screaming, they’re blasting music and there are cars parked all down the street. They don’t seem to care about public health.”

Another neighbor, named Catherine, told Daily Mail, “There have been parties here where a SWAT team has been brought out to shut them down.”

She also explained that during the Sway House parties, the entire street is blocked with cars, which could be dangerous if there were to be a fire or any type of emergency.

“There’ll be endless rows of cars. Some people park their cars in the middle of the street because there’s so many cars. If there were to be a fire we’d be toast — literally. Of course it’s noisy, but there are also people smoking in the street and it’s a huge fire risk area,” the neighbor added. “There’s a flagrant disregard for the area. I’ve been out walking my dog and seen throngs of people coming towards me with no masks, completely high or wasted. And then those people are getting in their cars and driving down the hill.”

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