When the Sway House and its members first rose to fame on TikTok, fans were immediately enamored with the boys’ cool-guy vibes and dance moves. Among the members was Kio Cyr, the cutie with a sweet smile who perfected “the look.” Avid TikTok watchers know exactly what “the look” is. Kio, for his part, makes a point to note that “the look,” when he turns his head, purses his lips and appears to look viewers up and down, is how he started going viral in the first place.

“I don’t really feel like we ever stopped doing Sway stuff,” the internet personality said during a June 2021 interview on the “BFFs” podcast, months after it was revealed that Sway House was over.

TikTok’s Sway House was comprised of Kio, along with Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Noah Beck, Anthony ReevesQuinton Griggs, Griffin Johnson, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards. When it came to an end in February 2021, one of the content house’s cofounders Michael Gruen told People that he was “proud of what Sway was.”

“These guys are trailblazers. They proved that there is no limit to where being a social media star can take you,” Michael added. “Sway is a lifestyle and a mission and that’s something that will never change.”

As for Kio’s involvement, he was a member of the influencer squad because of fellow Canadian Josh. In a YouTube video, Kio explained that after meeting Josh and the rest of the original Sway boys, he started making content with them and eventually, became a full-fledged member.

After living in the initial Sway House, he moved on from the influencer lifestyle became a member of the SwayGaming House in July 2020. At the time, Kio moved into a secondary L.A. house with some of the other Sway boys — Griffin and Quinton — to focus on gaming.

“For me, it wasn’t a personal thing,” Griffin told Insider about his decision to depart from Sway for SwayGaming. “It was just the fact that I have different goals, and I believe in the boys, and I know that they’ll be successful in their own paths.”

While some of Kio’s friends on TikTok have since gone on to acting and singing careers, he’s sticking with the entrepreneurial and social media route for now. Wondering what else you need to know about Kio? Scroll through our gallery for some fun facts about the former Sway House member!

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