TikTok’s Sway House was a mansion full of heartthrobs making content for social media. Among them was Quinton Griggs, the Internet personality who’s turned himself into a budding musician!

“I’m more sensitive than most of the guys,” Quinton told Interview Magazine in September 2020 when comparing himself to his housemates. “I play it off like stuff doesn’t actually hurt my feelings, but, yeah, some things do.”

Aside from the Georgia native, the Sway House was comprised of Kio Cyr, Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Noah Beck, Anthony ReevesGriffin Johnson, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards. After months of making TikTok videos, YouTube videos and business decisions together, the boys officially went their separate ways in February 2021. Quinton, for his part, followed BFF Jaden into the music industry and released his first-ever single, “Chaos!” under the moniker QVE, in June 2021.

“I don’t have words for how amazing this is, but thank you guys so much for all your support I love each and every one of you and I truly couldn’t have done it without you!” Quinton wrote on Instagram upon the song’s debut. “This release has been insane and I cannot wait for everything there is to come. Also if you haven’t already GO LISTEN TO F–KIN ‘CHAOS,’ OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS.”

There’s definitely more music from the influencer to come, especially with the help or Jaden, whom Quinton referred to as a “father figure” during a March 2021 interview with Hollywire. “I’m very thankful for Jaden, he’s helped me through a lot. Honestly, he’s kind of formed the person that I am today, to be honest,” the former Sway star added.

Before moving to Los Angeles and gaining fame via social media, Quinton was actually a huge sports star.

“I grew up playing football. Football was my entire life,” he told Instagram followers in a June 2021 IGTV video. “Kept playing football throughout my entire middle school years. … Then, track season rolled around. I did track to stay in shape and ended up tearing my ACL, making it so that I couldn’t do anything with football for about an eight-month period.”

Because of the injury, Quinton started his TikTok career. He decided to make an account while recovering from surgery. “I just hopped on it and gained a following fairly f–king quick, which is crazy,” he explained on IGTV. Now, he’s popping off and become a major star!

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