Ever wonder what the Sydney To the Max cast’s favorite episode of the Disney Channel show is? Well, now you know! J-14 recently caught up with Ava Kolker and Christian J. Simon who, not only dished on their favorite episode from the series — hint, one of Ava’s is “about to come out”  — but spilled the tea on what fans can expect to see during the rest of Season 2 as new episodes continue to premiere every Friday night at 8:00 P.M. EST/PST.

“In Season 1, I really liked the ballet episode. It was called ‘Nothing But A Dance Thing.’ It was just hysterical, and I just really liked it. It was about Sydney and her relationship with her mom and I thought it was really beautiful and there were some really funny things at the same time,” Ava gushed. “There’s definitely some really important [episodes] that I really, really love that have a very special place in my heart and there’s some funny ones that I think are hysterical.”

As for Christian, the 12-year-old is a huge fan of the “rap battle episode” and loves that his scenes as Leo always take place in the ’90s.

“I love it because I really do become this ’90s character. I get in all these baggy clothes and this ’90s wardrobe,” the actor explained. “It’s just such a fun character to play.”

Even though Ava and Christian’s characters may not interact onscreen, they are super close with each other, and the rest of the cast, once the cameras stop rolling. Both stars explained that they all love to make TikTok videos together!

“We love doing TikToks. We love to play basketball,” Christian said. Ava added, “We hang out so much…It definitely adds to that onscreen chemistry.”

Sometimes, the stars even bring their real life personalities onscreen too, which leads to some pretty hilarious behind-the-scenes moments.

“In this one episode, one of the castmates walked up the stairs and they basically rage out because they’re upset about something, I don’t want to spoil too much. And while they were walking, you heard a little pitter-patter of their feet and it felt like it went on forever,” Ava said laughing. “So, me and two other castmates were cracking up hysterically and we couldn’t stop laughing because all we heard was [their feet]. We were all trying to look upset and have a straight face, but we couldn’t when we heard that  in the back of our head for three minutes.”

Christian continued, “This was a while back, I had to hold a robot and I had to carry it up the stairs [during] run through and I fell down the stairs while I was holding it cause it was so heavy. It was hilarious though because I got back up and I was like, ‘I’m okay’ and I kept walking.”

Previously, we caught up with Ava and Christian’s costar Ruth Righi, who teased that Sydney To The Max‘s second season is “really special” and addresses a lot of super important topics. The actors agreed, and Christian added that fans “can expect to see so many amazing episodes and all of the characters grow and get better throughout the season.”

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