She’s come a long way! Before Tana Mongeau was an internet star, she was just a normal girl. After rising to fame online, the YouTube sensation experienced a major glow up and loves to show off how far she’s come.

“I have a young following and it’s definitely primarily female,” Tana told Life & Style in February 2020. “I always want to empower those young girls to do whatever they want with their bodies and to make their decisions and not let anyone take that away from them, especially men.”

As fans know, the social media star first stepped onto the scene when she created her channel back in 2015. Since then, she has gone on to accumulate millions of subscribers on the video-sharing site, gained millions of followers on Instagram and even started her own influencer marketing agency. When it comes to internet stars, Tana is definitely one of the most notable names out there.

“I’ve just kind of been authentically living my life, doing me, which obviously means making a lot of mistakes, some big, some small, some crazy,” she told Insider in a February 2020 interview. “So I think that people are really just seeing that trajectory of my entire life, whether that’s good or bad.”

The influencer explained that, when it comes down to it, it’s “very weird to be blasted to such a big audience.” Tana added, “But it’s really cool to be a part of that millennial movement of showing people that digital media can be just like traditional media and being a part of that transition and history in a way.”

During the same interview, Tana got real about showing her entire life on camera. “I think that’s a constant battle with yourself to show all of it, and show all of who you are,” she explained. “Because you can’t get this 10% of amazing without the 90% of chaos Tana.”

But she’s made the conscious decision to share it all.

“At the end of the day all of it is what makes my career and is what allows me to do all the beautiful things I get to do,” Tana shared when discussing the hate she gets online. “So I think that it’s just one of the things that you deal with in order to have so much of the greatness.”

From Nevada native to YouTube star, scroll through our gallery to see Tana’s total transformation over the years. 

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