Prepare yourselves, Teen Wolf fans, because Tyler Posey is trading in werewolves for vampires. Wait, what?

That’s right, you guys! According to Deadline, the 27-year-old actor will star in yet another supernatural-themed series called Lost Boys, and while we don’t know exactly when the pilot will air on the network, we’re super excited about all of the small details we know so far.

For starters, the new series will be an adaptation of the 1987 comedy horror flick of the same name. Plus, it sounds like the show is in good hands. Why? Because it’s going to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who was the mastermind behind the first Twilight film. In other words, she knows her stuff and is definitely not a rookie when it comes to working on projects about bloodsuckers.

So what’s the show about? We’re so glad you asked! The series takes place in a city called Santa Carla, and although it looks like a fun, beachy town on the surface, there’s a whole secret world of vampires that exists underneath its pretty facade.

Now, this is where Tyler comes in. His character Michael moves to Santa Carla with his family after his father’s death, but things take a turn because he and his brother keep finding themselves more and more involved in this dark world of the undead.

Like you, we’re dying to know what happens to Tyler’s character, but if you’re thinking another vampire-themed series just isn’t for you, think again. It sounds like the show will not only be action-packed, but full of romance too. And let’s be real: We’re all suckers for a vampy love story.

The Smallville star is just one of the talented actors tapped for the pilot. He will be joined by Kingdom alum Kiele Sanchez, as well as Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro, and we can’t wait to see what they all bring to the table. As soon as we have more info about Lost Boys, we promise you’ll be the first to know.

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