TikTok’s favorite girl group Boys World is officially taking the world by storm! The five-person band first rose to fame on the app, and now, they’re making major moves in the music industry. Comprised of members Olivia Ruby, Lillian Kay, Elana Caceres, Queenie Mae and Makhyli, the group was formed April 2019 and the rest is history.

“I’m really glad we’re not a bubblegum pop, squeaky-clean group, because I think that would be harder for us,” Makhyli told Billboard in March 2021, a month before their five-track EP, While You Were Out, was released.

After Boys (an acronym for Best of Yourself) World was formed, the girls took the time to really become a group by living together in Los Angeles. Aside from just making music, the songstresses have a goal in mind for how they plan to use their growing platform. “When it comes to positivity and awareness, whatever we put out, we want to attract those kinds of people too. And if they’re not, maybe they can learn through us,” Queenie told the publication.

“We’re proud of what we stand for. It’s important to show everyone that though this might be hard, we have to do it,” Makhyli told Billboard. Elana added, “It’s about girls supporting girls, lifting each other up, and loving each other.”

As for kicking off their career amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Makhyli explained, “We’re able to do stuff remotely, at home, so it’s not as scary as being in the studio or at interviews.”

While they’re looking forward to the traditional part of the music industry — including making an album and going on tour — the girls are just enjoying life at the moment, with big dreams in mind, of course. “We’re letting time take us to wherever we’re meant to be,” Queenie also told the publication. “But we’re wanting to be the biggest girl group in the world!”

When talking about what sets them apart from other girl groups out there, Makhyli noted that there’s something special between the five of them.

“If we didn’t have that sparkle, or that something people can see is different, then they wouldn’t come to us,” she explained. “I don’t feel like we’re just another girl group. I feel like people are seeing us and going, ‘Gosh, they’re really cool.’”

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