Another British boyband? Yes, please! New Hope Club is known for their songs like “Permission” and “Love Again,” but what else do you need to know about the group? Well, get to know members Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby and George Smith.

“For us, these past three years have been all about learning and developing, which is why I think we didn’t feel any pressure,” the group told Euphoria magazine in February 2020 after releasing their debut album. “Some of the songs on the album are from way back in 2017 … no, seriously! I know it might seem like a long time ago, but the key for us on this album is to be able to show the journey we’ve been on, and the emotions we have been through.”

Prior to dropping their self-titled debut, New Hope Club, the trio had two EPs under their belt — Welcome to the Club and Welcome to the Club Pt. 2. They’ve also since released a third EP, Summer Showers with Reece, in August 2021.

“The album shows our journey and we wouldn’t be able to show it without including the songs that are already out!” they also told the publication. “Everything we have done has led to this moment in our career as a band and it feels right to involve all the different stages of our career so far. We love the songs that we have released as singles; all of them are a representation of what was going on in our lives at the time. Don’t worry — there are many new songs on this album. We can’t wait for you to hear them and it’s going to be fun to get to play them live on tour.”

Of course, like many artists, New Hope Club didn’t hit the road in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but they kicked off live shows once again in August 2021. As they continue their career as budding musicians, Blake, Reece and George definitely have plans for more music in the near future.

“What’s next, is to carry on writing for the next album,” NHC told Euphoria. “We started writing as soon as we drew the line under the first album, so definitely working on making the second album different to the first and improving as songwriters and myself as a producer. We will also definitely be heading back out on tour all around the world, and we are so excited to see and hear all the fans singing the new songs from the album!”

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