We know it’s almost impossible to believe, but K.C. Undercover first aired on Disney Channel on January 18, 2015, which essentially means that it’s been four years since the start of one of the most woke Disney series EVER. That said, we’re now totally in our feels about the show — especially since it’s been almost a full year since the series finale.

If it were up to us, K.C. Undercover would’ve definitely been renewed after Season 3. We mean, we would’ve loved to have seen K.C., played by Zendaya, head off to college. Alas, the decision was not ours, and on February 2, 2018, we bid the Disney Channel series farewell.

Bitter feelings aside, we couldn’t help but wonder what really happened to the show. Did people not like it anymore? Did the actors want out? Well, considering it’s the anniversary of its premiere, there’s no better time to investigate than now, right? Well, here are some possible reasons for the show’s end:

The actors were ready to move on — especially Zendaya.

We know it’s hard to hear, but after three seasons, it’s very possible that the cast was ready to move on to bigger and better things.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight in 2017 if she thought the end of the series was near, the 22-year-old said, “I’m assuming so… I’m growing up, and there’s a lot of other things I want to do in my career.”

Her costar, Veronica Dunne, agreed.

It made sense for K.C.’s story to end when it did.

As we mentioned before, we would’ve loved to see K.C. go to college. We mean, there’s really no better place to be an undercover spy! If you think about it, though, the show ended with her high school graduation, so we really weren’t left hanging.

“K.C.’s, you know, she’s growing up, she’s becoming a young woman, and there’s been a lot of talk this season about her going to college,” the Spider-Man: Homecoming actress told ET. So when she was questioned about whether she thought the show was going to end, she said, “I think so.”

Also, high school commencement marks the end of something great and the start of something even better, so although we didn’t get to see K.C. attend a university, it’s implied that wherever she goes, she absolutely thrives.

K.C. Undercover
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Zendaya wasn’t originally planning on returning to Disney Channel after Shake It Up.

When it comes down to it, the fact that the Greatest Showman star returned to Disney Channel after Shake It Up was a miracle in and of itself. In fact, she told Variety that the only reason she came back for K.C Undercover was because it was an opportunity to show young girls a powerful, smart, African American female protagonist.

“When I left Disney, there weren’t any families of color on the channel,” the former Disney star said. “I thought that was a big reason why I wanted to come back. I think I’ve successfully made a show that not only allows for representation but sees girls in a powerful and strong position.” So true!

The ratings dropped significantly.

In addition to the actors feeling ready to move on, the ratings were even more proof that the show had run its course. In 2015, it garnered more than 3.5 million viewers per episode. In 2016, the number dropped to roughly 2 million, and in its final season, around 1 million. Clearly, fan interest was decreasing, so it makes sense why the network decided to end it when they did.

Still, we have to admit that none of these simple facts take away from the fact that we loved K.C. Undercover from start to finish. And who knows? Maybe in several years we’ll get a reboot! After all, it worked for That’s So Raven!

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