During a recent episode of her podcast, Addison Rae talked all things dating. Yep, the TikTok star got real about what she looks for in a significant other, but also opened up about the difficulty of dating in Hollywood.

As fans know, the influencer launched the “Mama Knows Best” podcast alongside her mom, Sheri, to give advice on subjects like life, love and family. Well, that’s exactly what the Easterling ladies did this week!

“It definitely has changed, there are some people who just want to use me or get something from me,” the 19-year-old said about relationships in the public eye. “They’re looking to gain something from talking to me, being with me, hanging out with me. It’s something I’m now well aware of. I take that into consideration and I’m like, does this person actually care about me or actually like me for who I am? Or are they just seeing a number and they’re attracted to that? And it’s a very fine line.”

As fans know, her honesty about relationships came just a few days after Bryce Hall opened up about their rumored romance and gave fans the confirmation that they’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, while appearing on the “Mom’s Basement” podcast, he said that he’s “testing the waters” with Addison.

“I’m not dating anybody,” the Sway House member explained. “I’m like single, but… You just want me to say it. I’m seeing Addison — I’m not like old me, where I was just going around. I settled down a little bit. A lot a bit. We’re testing the waters. We were kind of a thing, back in November. We were busy — super busy. And then quarantine happened. Less busy. That’s all. …It’s hard to find somebody out in LA, especially.”

Just one day later, fans spotted them out together holding hands!

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