Get ready for the mother and daughter duo of your dreams! That’s right, Addison Rae just announced that she has teamed up with her mom, Sheri, for a brand new podcast called “Mama Knows Best.”

On Monday, July 20, the TikTok star took to Instagram and told fans that they’ve been working alongside Spotify for the audio series. And get this — the first episode is already available for streaming. So get those earbuds or headphones out, people, because “Mama Knows Best” is officially here!

But wait, what is the podcast about, you may ask? Well according to the Easterling ladies themselves, listeners will get an inside look at Addison and her mom’s relationship. The 19-year-old will ask questions about subjects like life, love and family, while her mom offers some advice.

“Every week, we’re going to talk about my life — the big and the small — and pretty much everything you want to know, or maybe don’t want to know,” the influencer told fans during a preview of the podcast, which was uploaded to Spotify on July 2.

During the first episode, titled “Life Before You Knew Me,” the pair discussed their life before moving to Los Angeles, and what Addison was like when she was growing up. If all the episodes are just like this one, it’s safe to say that every Monday just got a little bit better!

When talking to Seventeen about the podcast, Addison explained why she decided to ask her mom to co-host.

“I think it’s really fun that we get to go through this together and we’re not alone in it,” she explained. “My entire family is kind of on the journey as well so it’s been a really fun process and we all enjoy it so much and definitely don’t take it for granted.”

Set your alarms, guys, because new episodes of “Mama Knows Best” will hit the streaming service every Monday!

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