TikTok star Addison Rae‘s makeup collection, ITEM Beauty, has issued a response following influencer Indy Blue‘s recent claims used her trademarked slogan on a recently released product.

In a statement made to J-14, ITEM Beauty’s parent company, Madeby Collective, said, “At ITEM, we support, lift up and foster a community of positivity. ITEM has been in development since last year and this phrase was concepted internally when ITEM’s creative director shared that she says ‘I love you say it back’ to her 4-year-old son each night before going to bed. This was the impetus for the phrase and by placing it on a mirror and some interior packaging, it reflects a daily message of affirmation. We have no plans to place this phrase on apparel.”

As fans know, after the TikTok star shared a photo of her newly released products — which included a bronzer that said “I love you, say it back” printed on the mirror — fans were quick to tag Indy along with her brand, Lonely Ghost, which has trademarked and used that same slogan on their clothing.

In a series of comments and replies, Indy expressed her disappointment with Addison — who previously wore Lonely Ghost clothing on social media — and revealed that the entire situation is “being handled legally.”

“I’m mainly just sad because as a small brand we were SO excited when Addison posted in our clothes,” Indy explained, adding that it makes her heartbroken.

In various replies to fans, the 23-year-old also explained that she doesn’t condone “bashing,” and never asked anyone to “weigh in” on her post. She also told fans that the “unfortunate situation” is “being handled legally behind the scenes.”

As fans know, ITEM Beauty officially launched on Tuesday, August 11, with six products — a mascara, jelly eyeshadows, translucent powder, a bronzer, a brow definer and lip oil — all ranging from $12 to $22.

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